Do You Have Your Emergency Plan Ready?

Bullet Tree Falls Disaster Response Team Founded October 10th, 2010

The team is established for the purpose of carrying out such of the following purposes:

i.  To aid and assist in the saving of life, recovery and preservation of property.

ii.  To aid persons in situations dangerous to life, limb, and property.

iii.  To train and equip search and rescue teams.

iv.  To assist any law enforcement officer.

v.  To do any and all things necessary, convenient or proper for the purpose of carrying out the primary purpose of the organization.

This concise Disaster plan serves as the Stander Operation Procedure in responding to an anticipated hazard facing the community. It prepares the community to more effectively and effectively and efficiently respond to the hazards of flood and hurricane.

The Executive Committee

President: Cherline Waight

Vice President: Lucas Medina

Secretary: Jorge Aguallo

Treasurer: Carmencita Cano

Councilor: Primitibo Medina, Edgar Manzanero & Isaac Manzanero


Bullet Tree Falls Village Cayo

Phone: 621-7585 / 669-7585


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